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 Mr. Tutt holds an ‘Airline Transport Pilot’ certificate along with ‘Authorized Instructor Pilot’ having endorsements for single & multi-engine land, single engine sea, instrument instructor and is Type Rated in the Cessna Citation Mustang (PIC)(S). He holds memberships in the National Business Aircraft Association, Northern California Business Aircraft Association, Aviation Insurance Association, Malibu Mirage Owners and Pilots Association, Malibu/Mirage Safety & Training Foundation, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, California Pilots Association, Experimental Aircraft Association (parent & local chapters), American Legion, US Veteran/US Army (1970-1971). Please see the full article on Mr. Rick Tutt at:

* Mr. Tutt has also been a supporter of chapter 1432 and the Youth Eagles Aviation and Aerospace Education program from its inception. On March 24, 2014 a planning meeting was conducted by Dr. Ward Andrus, principle at Weber Institute of Applied Sciences & Technology. The meeting was to establish an aviation program at the high school, a select group of people in the aviation industry were invited to give input.


*M-Class Malibu Owners & Pilots Association (MMOPA) Magazine Sept / Oct. 2020

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