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Chapter President flew to Dallas/Fort Worth to view a possible donation of six, Thorpedos T211 kits, including some inventory of spare parts. EAA chapter members are meeting to discuss the feasibility of completing the kits. This would be a great project build for the students and enough kits to share with other EAA chapters. 


  • Come out and help us build it (we will be constructing one of the Thorpedos as a learning/teaching project with local "Youth Eagles Aviation and Aerospace Education Group")

  • Donate an Engine (Looking for a rebuildable or mid time Continental 0-200)

  • Hanger Space or place to build?

  • $$$$$ (to be held in a special account only to be used to complete this project)

  • Experience and expertise

If you would like to be involved please contact us and lets talk!

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