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Project: Cessna 170
EAA Member Stephen Foster and his two Sons, Stephen Jr. and Keith are rehabilitating this 1948 Cessna 170 . Members  Tom Belisle and Roger Ainsworth are guiding them through the tear down and engine overhaul for this piece of history. Currently we have installed the overhauled engine and have had a successful first run of the 1948 Continental c-145. On April 8th 2023 we finished all final checks and Started this old bird for the first time in over 9 years. Watch below


Jim Rore 2.jpg
Jim Rore 1.jpg


Jim Rore and assisted by Tom Belisle, are working on Jim’s RV-8. Jim has installed an engine with more horsepower along with an inverted fuel and oil system, and constant speed prop. I could give you all the performance details etc., but I won’t spoil it. Stop by and say hi to Jim and Tom and learn more about the new power plant.

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